Recent Bio update that I posted on Instagram.

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Bio update


Short update what i have created in Photography thru the years for new followers on my page.


 A couple of years ago when I was 45, I received an Asperger's diagnosis, and with it I later also understood my fascination with light and shadows, details, structure, contrasts, variety... Self taught.

If you go thru this page, you will also notice that I am a big music lover, all kinds, but my heart belongs to Rock´n roll.

Recently became a part time sick pensioner.


I am a B&W photographer, video artist and graphic designer, based in Sweden. 

Everything you find on this page (Instagram) is work of me by me.


 I do all editing of my images myself and except from shooting and editing i also do reels and videos from scratch to finished result and everything else.


Example of what I have made or are doing….


What I have shoot thru the years. 

portraits, rockconserts, flowers, pets, food, landscape, nature, abstract.

Now days you mainly find me in a forest or where there is water when I am out with my camera.


B&W edit single image. 

Converting images too bnw goes pretty fast, what's time consuming on this is checking it for dust or dirt that might have appeared on the lens, meaning enhance the image to 100% and then check thru the hole image. This is something I do with every single image, and I then save for printing or to show to the public. I use a plug-in program to Photoshop. 



Make them in Photoshop


Phone reels Color.

Snap shoots taken with phone, also film sequences,

can take from a couple of minutes up to some hour. Mainly trying to keep these, simple and effort less and not to time consuming. Much depending if it's a story I am piecing together and i am using GIF´s and stickers, or just some snapshots or video sequins. Using two different video editing apps. (started saving some of them last year and got about 120 pcs so far.)

Phone reels B&W

Images, just to display the images, couples of minutes up to an hour, same apps as above.


Videos B&W 

Made on computer. Usually require some more time from a couple of hours to days or longer, all much depending on story, length, effects and so on.

Have made several various different such as; promotion myself, read tips, greeting/holiday, cheerful, dark, funny/humor,  adventures. Using a video editing program for computer. Made about 50 pcs since I changed to digital photography.


Also made a couple of photo books or Coffee table books- from Idea to cover to complete finished book. Used both Blurb and In Design.


Logos for websites


Had shops at Cafepress, Redbubble and made mugs, t-shirts, bags, postcards, greeting cards, calendars….



I know the hole process I have a  Canon PRO 1 professional  B&W printer. 

Prints and posters for Sale however,

I use Zenfolio nowadays. 

Prints and Posters for sale, Link to website.




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